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2002-12-02 - 2:05 p.m.


so yet another thanksgiving has passed which makes it officially one year since i started this diay. awwww.... little little diary.

yeah, so thanksgiving was surprisingly uneventful this year. my dad had moved back into the house so we were officially a family again. my uncle and two cousins, along with uncle's mullett girlfriend and cousin's non-housebroken psycho dog ate too much and watched spiderman half-heartedly. then we went to markie's house and drank beer. and i slammed my head in the door trying to kick said dog outside because i am coordinated and smoothe.

markie and i went to club indigo that night (in wichita) and may i tell you. wichita is the most white trash conservative hick inbred town in the entire world. the DJ at the bar even called one of the kareoke participants the "token black guy." i was amazed.

wichita is the devil, i cannot say it enough.

anyway, i went back to lawrence on friday because i had to get the hell out of there. i pretended i had to work on saturday. so on saturday afternoon peter and i went to get meredith from the airport. her plane was scheduled to arrive at 140. when it arrived a 500 peter and i had read 3 magazines and drank 2 cokes each. so meredith and michelle and i celebrated by attending the bottleneck that night. it was pretty fun. mere turned 21 over the break so we split pitchers of beer and took blue curaco shots. nice... :)

so it was a good break after all. tonight i am going to exercise with meredith and study at java break because we are exciting like that. good times. time for film class.

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