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2002-12-10 - 1:57 a.m.

so yeah.... back to me....

i'm not conceited, i SWEAR... that's why i keep an online diary, because i want to share my brilliance with all of you little people.

ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa.........


jokes are funny.

so anyway, i am still debating with the whole jeremy/ mike situation. i'm not sure what i want to do because although mike is incredibly nice, sometimes i get the feeling that all he wants is to be friends, which i would be cool with, i just want to know what's going on.

and yeah, more bullshit....


so anyway, i'm over at peter's house using amanda's computer, which is noce since she has a normal keyboard that isn't shaped like a tumor much like the boy's (or quasi-boy's) as meredith refers to him.

argh. life would be so much easier if i were in 7th grade again. peter and i were reminiscing about how 7th grade was the best year of our lives and 6th grade sucked donkey cock. hee hee... but it was, i truly miss 7th grade...

i think i am just in a nostalgic mood today because i've been listening to the who a lot.

and danica, i was not able to attend stars as eyes as my boss is a mean man who does not let people have tuesdays off, even when they ask for it. not even girls with pigtails.

and jen, thank you for the entry in my honor. i am not that funny. but i appreciate it... ;) i think you are fantabulous and i am so glad you are flying home today... i can't wait to see you! :) i hope you will work at outback cause me and lisa days once again.

tra la la... why am i awake at 2AM.... i have an 800 class and i am retarded.

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