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2003-01-20 - 10:28 a.m.

so since im high and ive been watching donnie darko, i am in a pretty tranquil and thoughtful mood. so when i read lisa's diary, it made me think: where was I five years ago?

well.... ill tell you.....

i was a freshman in high school at the hell i call northwest. i too was a virgin and had never kissed a boy. except in preeschool which i don't think counts. i had a pixie haircut and was about 30 popunds skinnier. damn you E's cafateria and beer. i listened to weezer and wore tortise shell glasses. i wore makeup. i liked rick. i was going to be a journalsim major and go to k-state and room with rebecca and kassy. i wore chuck taylors every day. i envied becca penner and loathed tara schaffer. none of my friends were engaged/ married/ pregnant. that 70's show was not on the air yet. i had no idea what dvds were. i wanted to own my own magazine. i wanted to learn to play the bass and be in a rock band (hee hee... thats one that ive taken care of). i was friends with emily parker. i sent mix tapes to danica. jillian and i invented bawk walking and "it had to be yooooooooooou." i wore polo shirts and a belt. sometimes i tucked my shirts in.

i was such a dumbass.

all those things are so strange to think about now with the way my life has turned out. i think im pleasanlty surprised at the resluts of a dorky 15 year old. or 16 year old, whatever. damn. that wasnt even 5 years ago. that was 6 years ago, but still. damn. i have changed a hell of a lot.

in other news. i met a boy. one who does not play magic. one who seems juuust emo enough. i really like him and i met him at quinn's party this weekend. he's friends with jon and angel which is pretty cool. don't laugh. his name is eurie which sounds like urine, i know. and it kinda bothers me too. but that's ok because i think he is cute. i was too drunk to remember to give him my number which was dumb. but hopefully he will be at the party this weekend which i am SUPER excited about.

yes. well... im sure this will get erased tomorrow when i realize i rambled like a stoned loser, so hope you read it before then son you can laugh at me.

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