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2003-03-12 - 12:37 a.m.

it's official, i've broken all of the "adri having sex with boys" rules.

my pitiful excuses:

1. I don't know his last name. Which doesn't mean i don't know him well, it just means i don't remember his last name. i've heard it before at least.

2. we've never been on a date. yeah. didn't even make him buy me dinner.

3. i initiated it. what? me? i am a ho.

4. by my count, we have exactly 3 things in common - we like david cross and mr. show - we both like kevin smith movies - we like having sex while the sun comes up.

5. none of my friends know him so i haven't had any outside opinions.

6. he plays way too many video games.

7. he listens to metal, but only sometimes.

8. i hadn't really deicided what i was going to do before the situation came up.

9. i was high.

10. i could see no visible outside benifits from a possible relationship.

11. it hasn't bothered me taht he hasn't called because i haven't called him either and i'm the one who actually has access to his phone number.

12. i just wanted it to be even. i have o.c.d. you know.

so yeah. i had my very first one night stand. the craziest part about it was i honestly had no idea it was going to happen. it just kind of did. the craziest CRAZIEST part of it is i really wouldn't mind if it happened again.

i'm not sure if i want a possible relationship with this boy. he's fun and all, but he's only 19 and is probably going to be moving soon. that really bothers me because if i get together with him, i'll know exactly how long our relationship is going to last.

i wish he wasn't moving so i could have more time to think all this over.

ok, that's retarded. i can't believe i actually just typed that.

so here's the summary: i'm crazy.

so yeah.

lisa - what do i do about this? i need some advice man. this is retarded.

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