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2003-05-17 - 1:42 p.m.

wow. i have a full three days in a row off work. wow.

i told my boss i was going to wichita. HAH. instead i am listening to the beatles in my pajamas and smoking a cigarette. this day is all mine and its a saturday. SO.... i am going to call all the people i haven't talked to in a while and go fill out job applications on mass street. wheeeeeeeeeee.

so yeah, jillian and i got "the big diss" from mike and jeremy the last TWO nights. so we have decided fuck them and we aren't calling them to hang out again. i dunno. maybe they get invited to adult swin tomorrow, maybe they don't. HAH. yeah, i'm so vengeful. heh...

ANYWAY. bleh.

more to come. it's time for fun.

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